Dangerous Notions

The right-left conflict in the Virginia blogosphere rears its ugly head once again.

On Tuesday, ODBA blog Virginia Virtucon posed the question of whether resentment-fueled Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung Hui was “A Creature of the Left?”

“Gee, who preaches class envy and distrust of religion? I wonder…,” VV muses. “So, all you liberal elitists and sanctimonious Europeans so ready to criticize Virginia and the U.S., take a long hard look at the drivel you’re spewing out into these young minds and see what it ultimately results in.”

Leftists responded with the level of vitriol that usually greets posts about Jim “Where’s My Gun?” Webb.

But their time would be better spent reflecting on whether VV has a point.

Yes, Cho’s ramblings and his rampage reflect leftist ideological fallacies.

That life is devoid of absolute value is a leftist notion.

That an individual’s wealth negates his rights is a leftist notion.

That dark passions should be indulged is a leftist notion.

That society is responsible for personal sin is a leftist notion.

The world should reject these dangerous notions.

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