On this Day in 1982

On April 2, 1982, Argentine General Leopold Galtieri ordered the invasion of the British Falkland Islands, leading to the Falklands War and 258 British and 649 Argentine deaths. While the attack caught Britain off guard, the British retaliated and soon prevailed.

While her popularity had been sinking in the polls, the forthrightness with which Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher led the retaliation caused a swell of patriotism and a renewed confidence in her government.

Mrs. Thatcher continued as Prime Minister throughout the 1980s. She was a strong friend and partner to both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. During the first Gulf War, Mrs. Thatcher strengthened the resolve of President Bush when she told him, “Don’t go wobbly on me, George.”

Tony Blair has likewise been a strong friend to the current President Bush. But today the Congress, the MSM, and the Democratic Party are the epitome of “wobbly.”

We could use Lady Thatcher around here again.