Peace Hypocrites Burn American Soldier in Effigy

Protesters burned an American soldier in effigy at a peace rally in
Portland, Oregon, on March 18.

Chants included:

“Bye, bye, G.I., in Iraq, you’re gonna die!”


“Build a bonfire; build a bonfire; put the soldiers on the dock; put
the fascists in the middle, and we’ll burn the f—–g lot!”

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3 thoughts on “Peace Hypocrites Burn American Soldier in Effigy

  1. Thanks for the post. It is interesting reading Madison’s links and seeing that the AFT was among the sponsored. SO forced union dues were used to burn the flag? Now THAT is something that needs more publicity!

  2. these people seem to be SO proud of what they are doing. But do you see the faces of any of the ones that are involved. NO! they are so freaking proud that they cover their faces with ski masks. If you are gonna do something at least be man enough to show your face. What they didn was WRONG!

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