The Real Virginia Blog Carnival

SWAC Girl hosts this week’s Virginia Blog Carnival.

In the interests of balance, SWAC girl graciously included a couple of posts from liberal bloggers who hadn’t submitted them. Last week, there was something of a school-yard brawl in the Virginia blogosphere as liberal bloggers whined that the VBC leaned too far to the right. In the overblown rhetoric of F.T. Rea, of the appropriately titled SLANTBlog, “It seems the fringe of the rightwing blogosphere has decided to shanghai the carnival, to use it as its tool.”

After conservative bloggers popped a hole in that knee-jerk conspiracy theory, some on the left admitted that liberal bloggers just don’t submit as many posts to the VBC as do conservatives. As Thomas Krehbiel explained on his own blog, “I don’t submit to blog carnivals because I realize it’s a lot of work to host them and I’m too lazy to get involved in that. And I generally don’t link to things unless I’m referring to it in my post.”

But liberals don’t believe that anyone’s laziness should disqualify him from eating the fruits of others’ work. That’s why we live in a welfare state.

But perhaps Atlas is at least squirming a little. Richmond Democrat, whose submitted post SWAC Girl initially missed and subsequently added to her Carnival, is so exercised over the great carnival scandal that he’s starting his own Virginia-focussed carnival. Well, good for him. At least he’s adding some work to that whining. And, as conservatives know, competition is a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Virginia Blog Carnival

  1. Loved the comment on the welfare state 🙂

    I believe Libs are going to consider such commentary as ‘bullying’…

    Practical observations like that will get you into hot water with them. Welcome to the hot tub!

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