How Not to Support America’s Troops

The best thing about yesterday’s House resolution against the President’s plan to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq is that it’s non-binding. And that they spent four days debating it. Really, if only everything Congress did were time-consuming but ultimately non-binding, America would be a freer–and better–place to live.

That said, the resolution’s passage is more like a child’s act of holding his breath because he’s mad at his parents than the deliberative statement of a governing body of the greatest country in the world. It just looks silly.

Unfortunately, the House has made itself, and the country who elected it, look silly in front of the whole world. While we’re struggling to build a republic where none has existed before. And fighting the violent forces of theocratic totalitarianism.

“Our enemies will be the only ones satisfied by this debate,” warned Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), the Republicans’ chief deputy whip. “They will have received all the political rhetoric they require to convince their followers that complete victory is at hand.”

The centerpiece of victory for our enemies was heralded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), who gushed that the non-binding resolution’s passage “will signal a change in direction in Iraq that will end the fighting and bring our troops home safely and soon.” So that’s what America’s armed forces are for–being at home, not fighting. Sort of like farmers are there not to grow food, which is why taxpayers have to subsidize them.

Not that the House doesn’t support the troops. It was, of course, eager to include a nod of support for America’s fighting forces in the resolution.

In the weird world of Congress, it’s only establishing a republic in the Middle East that’s bad. The people who volunteered to do it are just the best thing since jelly beans. Really.

America’s armed forces deserve our real support–support for doing the duty for which they volunteered.

They don’t deserve to see that duty undermined before a watching world.

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3 thoughts on “How Not to Support America’s Troops

  1. We should make the central government in Baghdad non-binding. Then the subsidized U.S military forces can stop forcing people to live under socialism. Iraq will be a freer and better place to live.

  2. “Really, if only everything Congress did were time-consuming but ultimately non-binding, America would be a freer–and better–place to live.”

    That line is golden.

    Sad, but very true.

  3. You’re exactly right. I’m wondering . . . if the left feels so strongly about this, then why a non-binding resolution? Your analogy of a child holding its breath is dead on and would be humorous if not for the world watching us.
    Do you get the feeling this is a “payback” for the Clinton impeachment?

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