Virginia Blog Carnival

The Commonwealth’s blog community chats it up in the first Virginia Blog Carnival of 2007 at CatHouse Chat.

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1 thought on “Virginia Blog Carnival

  1. Hey, Leslie – thanks so much for the link. I really enjoyed your selections, particularly the “Hotel Manager.” That one just made me see red! If my Darling Munchkin had behaved so poorly, she would have been taken to a private area and given “what-for” BIG TIME!

    She knows that she has two automatic spanking offenses (even at 10 years old)

    — blatant disobedience and disrespect

    — lying and dishonest actions

    No excuses.

    Fortunately, she has a sweet nature, and we only have to resort to this sort of discipline on extremely rare occasions.

    But isn’t is frustrating when you work so hard to raise your child up to be a gracious and productive member of society… and then other parents allow their kids to act like barbarians?!

    *sigh* [/soapbox]

    Anyway, thanks again for the link!

    … And would you be interested in hosting again sometime? 😉 LOL

    — Kat

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