Fairfax Food Fight Finished

Fairfax bureaucrats are eating crow, as County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald Connolly skewered their absurd mandate that meals donated to homeless shelters must be prepared in County-certified kitchens with commercial-grade appliances, The Washington Post reports this morning.

Fairfax’s food fight started Wednesday, when the Post first reported on this turkey of an idea. When bloggers, like my former colleague Gina Dalfonzo, and others roasted the bureaucrats for cooking up such a stupid scheme, Fairfax deservedly became a national joke.

Chairman Connolly then served up a heaping helping of common sense. “For goodness sake,” he said yesterday, “the tradition of church suppers — whether for the homeless or for the congregation — goes back hundreds of years. We’re not going to outlaw that in Fairfax County.”

Jim Brigl, chief executive of Fairfax Area Christian Emergency & Transitional Services, which organizes local church shelter programs, praised Chairman Connolly’s decision to take the ban off the menu.

“[R]egulatory bodies have a really hard time dealing with something where you think outside the box, ” Mr. Brigl told the Post. Yup.

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