Hurricane-Scale Hypocrisy

A newly released videotape shows President Bush being forewarned that Hurricane Katrina would be catastrophic. Congressional Democrats are tripping over each other to condemn the Administration for not preventing the tragedy despite such knowledge.

Isn’t this the same bunch of baffoons who interrupted the President’s January 31 State of the Union Address to cheer themselves for blocking his efforts to head off the impending crisis in the Social Security system?

Current projections say that the Social Security system will have to pay more in benefits than it collects in revenues by 2018, and that the system will be completely broke by 2042.

Perhaps then, Sen. David Vitter, R-La., will come out of retirement to repeat what he said today in reference to the video’s revelation:

“[T]his disaster was not out of the blue or unforeseeable. It was not only predictable, it was actually predicted. That’s what made the failures in response … all the more outrageous.”

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