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Random Groping #2

Yesterday, I was subjected to a random groping at the airport security checkpoint for the second time. As on the previous occasion, which I discussed in my speech at Accuracy In Academia‘s 20th anniversary dinner, I wasn’t carrying any explosives, guns, blades, or other accoutrements of terrorism, which I suspect is the case for most of the American women subjected to this violation.

It’s impossible to analyze everything that’s wrong with this abuse of power in a single post, but here’s a short list:

It constitutes an unreasonable search.
It is an affront to human dignity.
It is indecent, and contributes to the coarsening of the culture.
It breaks down modesty.
It cheapens intimacy.
Its corporal nature makes its violation deeply personal.
It transforms government from servant to master.
It accustoms citizens to personal violation.
It mocks the presumption of innocence.
It ignores due process of law.
It constitutes false imprisonment.
It undermines critical thinking and creativity.
It is an attempt to block attacks via bureaucratic procedure.
It gives terrorists a victory, by undermining what makes America great.
It makes hypocrites of the American people, whose enjoyment of living in the United States was purchased by the sacrifices of founding fathers and mothers who resisted tyranny.

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