47,397,000,000 Reasons to Repeal the Tax Code

A whole lot of mischief results when the federal government ignores the Constitution’s limits on its powers. One problem is that a check on federal spending is undermined. The taxpayers are doubly wronged: not only does the government usurp their power, but it even seizes the fruits of their labor to do so.

The National Taxpayers Union has complied a list of Congressional bills that would save the taxpayers money. The biggest money-saver? Repealing the byzantine Internal Revenue Code and replacing it with a flat tax. That would save the taxpayers a whopping $47,397,000,000, according to NTU.

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3 thoughts on “47,397,000,000 Reasons to Repeal the Tax Code

  1. Leslie –
    Your assessment here isn’t quite fair, is it? The four highest-dollar-amount items on that list (HR25, S25, S812 & S1099) are all various permutations of flat tax/national sales tax. As such, wouldn’t they be mutually exclusive? I’m all for a flat tax, but adding all the different schemes’ potential savings together is a bit of a reach, don;t you think?

    OTT, keep up the good work; I like reading your thoughts.

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