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King’s Arms Tavern

The pewter salt cellar feels cool and slightly gritty to the touch; it sounds a soft clap when replaced on the wooden table. The reproduction Chippendale and Queen Anne furniture, and the maps and other prints on the painted wooden walls of the King’s Arms Tavern‘s tightly packed eleven rooms, represent styles favored by the… Read More King’s Arms Tavern

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Cry Witch!

The polished wood gleams in the glow of flickering candles. It’s nighttime, and little moonlight breaks through the circular window panes in their cream-colored frames. Several dozen visitors have gathered in the courtroom of Colonial Williamsburg‘s dull-red brick Capitol building to serve as the jury in a recreated trial of Grace Sherwood, the “Virginia witch”.… Read More Cry Witch!

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The Governor’s Palace

The muskets gleam in a circle overhead, like newly polished spokes of an enormous carriage wheel. Their extended bayonets sparkle uniformly silver at the hub; the nutmeg to chestnut wood of the guns subtly shines against the white ceiling. Below them, gold-tassled, red-white-and-blue flags mark an arched passageway. The arch is flanked on each side… Read More The Governor’s Palace