On his Birthday, Some Words of Encouragement from Ronald Reagan

Today marks what would have been the 97th birthday of the last great President. Or, as he would have called it, the 58th anniversary of his 39th birthday. On this morning, here are some of his words of hope: Someone once said that the difference between an American and any other kind of person is… Read More On his Birthday, Some Words of Encouragement from Ronald Reagan


“[W]hen America reached for her best”

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Second Inauguration as President of the United States. His address is reprinted below: Senator Mathias, Chief Justice Burger, Vice President Bush, Speaker O’Neill, Senator Dole, reverend clergy, and members of my family and friends and my fellow citizens: This day has been made brighter with the presence… Read More “[W]hen America reached for her best”


No Jack Kennedy

While Mike Huckabee is busy copying the irresponsibility of an earlier Arkansas governor, Mitt Romney is trying to follow in the rhetorical footsteps of another Massachusetts politician. Unfortunately for Gov. Romney, Gov. Huckabee is doing a better job. Gov. Romney delivered his “Mormon” speech this morning, and for all the build-up it had received, it… Read More No Jack Kennedy


Spirit of ’76

In 1976, Ronald Reagan ran as the conservative alternative to Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination. Governor Reagan lost by only 70 delegate votes at the Republican convention in Kansas City. After winning victory, President Ford invited Governor Reagan to speak to the delegates from the convention podium. Speaking off-the-cuff, Governor Reagan reminded the delegates… Read More Spirit of ’76