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Cry Witch!

The polished wood gleams in the glow of flickering candles. It’s nighttime, and little moonlight breaks through the circular window panes in their cream-colored frames. Several dozen visitors have gathered in the courtroom of Colonial Williamsburg‘s dull-red brick Capitol building to serve as the jury in a recreated trial of Grace Sherwood, the “Virginia witch”.… Read More Cry Witch!


Way to go, Dr. No!

Following the lead of Tom “Dr. No” Coburn (R-Okla.), Senate Republicans yesterday found the vertebrae to block Majority Leader Harry Reid’s omnibus spending bill. This $10-Billion monstrosity comprised three dozen bills that would have transferred taxpayers’ hard-earned money to free-loaders from the United Nations to an orchid greenhouse. Led by Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma, Republicans… Read More Way to go, Dr. No!