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Cry Witch!

The polished wood gleams in the glow of flickering candles. It’s nighttime, and little moonlight breaks through the circular window panes in their cream-colored frames. Several dozen visitors have gathered in the courtroom of Colonial Williamsburg‘s dull-red brick Capitol building to serve as the jury in a recreated trial of Grace Sherwood, the “Virginia witch”.… Read More Cry Witch!


Who were the Weathermen?

With the connection between Barack Obama and Weather terrorist and University of Illinois professor Bill Ayers finally receiving some attention, much of the focus zeroes in on the Weather Underground’s history of violence, such as its 1972 bombing of the Pentagon. But the mind-set that rationalized such violence is deeply concerning in and of itself,… Read More Who were the Weathermen?


Way to go, Dr. No!

Following the lead of Tom “Dr. No” Coburn (R-Okla.), Senate Republicans yesterday found the vertebrae to block Majority Leader Harry Reid’s omnibus spending bill. This $10-Billion monstrosity comprised three dozen bills that would have transferred taxpayers’ hard-earned money to free-loaders from the United Nations to an orchid greenhouse. Led by Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma, Republicans… Read More Way to go, Dr. No!