SamSphere Denver

Last weekend, I enjoyed the tremendous honor of participating in SamSphere Chicago. Later this month, the Sam Adams Alliance plans to host SamSphere Denver, a one-day training event geared toward Colorado bloggers. The April 19 event has a somewhat different format from SamSphere Chicago, but it promises to be just as helpful. The tentative agenda… Read More SamSphere Denver


SamSphere Write-Up

The world owes a great debt to Sam Adams, the brewer-patriot who led opposition to British tyranny in colonial Boston. This weekend, I enjoyed the tremendous honor of participating in the Sam Adams Alliance’s new media conference SamSphere. The Sam Adams Alliance is doing an outstanding job of bringing freedom-loving bloggers the resources we need… Read More SamSphere Write-Up


SamSphere Chicago 2008

An angry mob stormed down the dark streets of Boston toward the palatial home of Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson. Once there, they tore windows and doors from their frames and battered down walls. They got drunk in Hutchinson’s wine cellar, destroyed the library, tossed a manuscript that Hutchinson had spent years drafting into the street,… Read More SamSphere Chicago 2008