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Snow Days!

I love snow days.  I hate snow, but I love snow days.  They’re one of the only socially sanctioned times to step back, slow down, savor silence and solitude.  I spent the long weekend of Blizzard Jonas holed up in my Virginia apartment and loved every second of it.  The time was like a good… Read More Snow Days!

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What is luxury?

“What is luxury?” is an exhibit that opens today at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and a question I’ve pondered more and more during the years when I’ve had to rebuild a life. I think there are a few sine qua nons of luxury: quality materials, precise craftsmanship, aesthetic and sensual appeal, impeccable service, and… Read More What is luxury?

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The Pursuit of Happiness

  The straight-backed wooden bench felt smooth as I slid into my favorite time and place—the 18th century brought to Brigadoon-esque life in Colonial Williamsburg. It was early evening in late May, so daylight was still shining through the circular windows of the Capitol building’s House of Burgesses room, a reconstruction of the chamber where… Read More The Pursuit of Happiness

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Cry Witch!

The polished wood gleams in the glow of flickering candles. It’s nighttime, and little moonlight breaks through the circular window panes in their cream-colored frames. Several dozen visitors have gathered in the courtroom of Colonial Williamsburg‘s dull-red brick Capitol building to serve as the jury in a recreated trial of Grace Sherwood, the “Virginia witch”.… Read More Cry Witch!