Republican Hypocrisy

The Republican National Committee last week adopted resolutions “Recognizing the Democrats’ March Toward Socialism” and “Commending Republican Members of Congress for Their Opposition to Bailouts and Reckless Spending“.

This degree of hypocrisy should make Bill Clinton blush.

It was a Republican president and his Republican water boys in Congress who pushed the bank bail-out through, and it was that same Republican president who diverted bank bail-out funds to an auto bail-out after the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to approve the latter.

But nowhere do these resolutions acknowledge that Republican responsibility.

If the Republican Party ever sincerely decides to return to free-market conservatism, no one will be better pleased than this blogger. But for the RNC to point fingers at the majority party, with no recognition of, much less repentance for, Republicans’ disgraceful role in tightening the grip of big government’s tentacles around the necks of responsible Americans makes it impossible to believe that the party can be sincere about anything, except its own unquenchable thirst for power.

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6 thoughts on “Republican Hypocrisy

  1. In order to be Constitutional Republicans instead of Establishment Republicans, one would have to tell the truth about the past.

    That may be just too much to expect from politicians.

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