Michael Steele’s Bloggers’ Call

Michael Steele, former Lt. Gov. of Maryland and current candidate for Republican National Committee chairman, held a conference call with bloggers today.

It was an encouraging half-hour for those of us who hope that the GOP will return to its core principles.

“We are the conservative party,” Lt. Gov. Steele reminded his audience. He called last week’s trouncing at the polls a “repudiation of Republicans’ failure to lead” and condemned those who call for the Republican Party to become the “Democrat-lite” Party.

“You’ve got to be consistent in your fiscal policy,” he said, and “a lot of people doubt our sincerity.”

The way back for the GOP, said Mr. Steele, is to return to its core values, including the value of life, the value of hard work, the value of security, and the value of enterprise.

The other encouraging theme of Mr. Steele’s message was his recognition that the Party must do a better job of utilizing the power of blogs and other Web 2.0 communications media.

“Technology is my friend,” he noted, and, using a word I’ve never heard from a senior official before, “fun”, suggesting that he sees 21st-century communications opportunities as something better than a chore of questionable value. And by initiating such a call with bloggers, Mr. Steele has given us reason to believe he’s serious. Among those on the call with me were were my Jeffersoniad blog-siblings Bearing Drift and Virginia Virtucon.

It looks like Lt. Gov. Steele is taking the right lessons from last week’s election.

Effectively communicating core conservative principles. It worked for Ronald Reagan; it will work today.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Steele’s Bloggers’ Call

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  2. Lorraine, the members of the Republican National Committee are set to elect a chairman when they meet in January. You might want to contact the members from your state and express support for your candidate.

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