Meet the New POTUS, Same as the Old POTUS

The front page of today’s Washington Post says it all. In the middle is the requisite photo of President George Bush XLIII and President-elect Barack Obama, strolling side-by-side through the White House colonnade on their way to the Oval Office; two blue neckties, two gold wedding rings, two 50-star(?) flag pins clearly visible on the six-foot+ socialists towering over the roses below.

Two articles flank the iconic photo. On the right, “Fannie, AIG Struggling After Federal Takeover” describes how Bush’s bail-out has failed to live up to the Administration’s rosy expectations. On the left, “Obama Asks Bush to Back Rescue of Automakers” describes the Democrats’ push to expand the unpopular, unsuccessful bail-out in order to reward another failing industry.

We might be in for George Bush XLIII’s third term after all.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the New POTUS, Same as the Old POTUS

  1. Give credit where it is due. Geo Bush gave us Alito and Robertson on SCOTUS.

    Barrack Hussein Obama will give us 2 or 3 and many, many circuit and district judges who will serve as black-robed, priest-kings.

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