I'll Have What They're Smoking

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5 thoughts on “I'll Have What They're Smoking

  1. The dancing Red Army soldiers are a nice touch. You’d think people so concerned about “image” would know better, but I’ll bet half of 0bama’s music video production team (or whoever created this… this… thing? paen to collectivism? what?) are too young to remember the USSR, and the other half thought they were the Good Guys.

    At least know I know what a bad acid trip looks like without ever needing to try LSD first hand.

  2. Were the dancing jackboots at the :55 mark from “Springtime for Hitler”?

    The only thing it’s missing is clips of Bob Ross painting happy little trees…

    …happy little trees dancing for their salvation.

    Gotta run – just got an email from the Online Behavior Attitudinal Monitoring Agency. It appears I have an appointment scheduled in Room 101.

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