Obama Campaign Accepting Illegal Donations?

The Obama campaign recently released an ad mocking John McCain’s inability to use a keyboard as evidence that he’s “out of touch”.

But according to a post by my SamSphere colleague Warner Todd Huston, the McCain campaign’s Web site is way ahead of the Obama team’s in filtering out illegal contributions from non-Americans.

Mr. Huston writes about “Jack”, a British friend of his who tried to donate to each campaign via its Web site; Jack claimed a U.S. address but attempted to charge his contributions to a credit card with a U.K. billing address.

The McCain campaign put up roadblocks:

On the McCain site, my credit card address has to match my postal address, and mine is in England. So that was out.

I also have to enter a US passport number as validation of citizenship if donating from abroad. Which I left blank, as I do not possess a US passport.

So although the McCain site instantly thanked me for my support, it did not indicate that my $5 has been successfully processed. No mention of that at all.

I suspect it will be declined when my details come to light.

But it was smooth sailing over at Obama’s site, which he says accepted the illegal contribution:

I clicked onto the Obama website, entered my credit card details, and used a friend’s old New York address, which obviously did not match my UK Mastercard address.

There were NO checks on my citizenship. And the Obama site instantly told me that my $5 had been successfully processed.

It seems Sen. Obama is out of touch with U.S. law.

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1 thought on “Obama Campaign Accepting Illegal Donations?

  1. And as long as those contributions are below $200 aggregated per person (I believe), then they never have to be reported to the FEC.

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