McCain Guzzles Big-Government New Coke

Sen. John McCain has dropped even lower in his kow-tow to the whiners who insist that the proper role of government is to prevent bad things from happenning to likely voters.

In a new ad, Sen. McCain declares, “I won’t tolerate a system that puts you and your family at risk. Your savings, your jobs. I’ll keep ’em safe.”

Here’s the problem: That “system” is called life. Life is inherently risky; jobs and savings are never secure, and the federal government can’t change that, nor should it try.

In promising to protect Americans from the vicissitudes of life, Sen. McCain echoes the liberals who have brought us decades of economic devastation in the guise of paternalistic molly-coddling.

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4 thoughts on “McCain Guzzles Big-Government New Coke

  1. The federal bailout is a HORRIBLE idea. In his column yesterday, Walter Williams nailed it when he quoted English philosopher Herbert Spencer; “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”

  2. The time to bolt the GOP isn’t 48 days out from the election, but Nov 5th!

    We need a Conservative Party modeled upon NY where it will support GOP when GOP isn’t me-too-liberal.

    We took part in GOP primaries instead of creating Conservative alternative. Jumping ship now is showing ourselves rats excaping a ship. We will be the ones’ proving the stupid party motto: snatching defeat out of victory.

  3. You’re absolutely correct Leslie. Our choice in this election is between two liberals, which to me is no choice at all. If McCain is elected, many of the neocons and other pseudoconservatives will take it as a validation of pandering to the middle, giving in to the left and divvying up spoils among ethnocentric, hyphenated-American groups.

    I don’t see a place for a traditional conservative like myself in a GOP directed by people who have zero appreciation for tradition, heritage, prudence and continuity of historical threads. I’m hard-pressed to find even the slightest reason to vote for McCain and will likely abstain at the top of the ticket.

    Perhaps a good dose of the onerous impositions of socialism that surely will be the hallmark of an Obama administration is necessary for conservatism to begin a resurgence in the 2010 mid-term elections. The primaries have put us back to the pre-Goldwater days. A McCain administration would almost certainly make it worse for traditionalists.

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