Florida Beating Perp Threatens to Sue Sheriff

Mercades Nichols, one of the ill-bred punkettes charged in the March 30 beating of Victoria Lindsay, and Christina Garcia, her obviously unfit mother, are threatening to sue the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff for comments he made about them in connection with the beating, a videotape of which the teenaged menaces had planned to post on YouTube. Miss Nichols faces charges of kidnapping, battery, and witness tampering.

In a letter to Sheriff Grady Judd, Michele Bernard, a lawyer for mom and spawn, claims that Ms. Garcia has “sustained damages to her professional reputation as a result of numerous comments and improper characterizations made by the Sheriff” and that the sheriff “has also uttered untrue facts [?] about the nature of my client and her status as a parent towards her minor child, Mercades Nichols, with reckless disregard for the truth”. I guess law schools don’t teach writing anymore.

The depraved duo claim that they have suffered “severe emotional distress” and “mental anguish” and are seeking compensation for their mental pain and suffering and damage to their reputation in the community, “which will impair their ability to seek employment”.

Miss Lindsay suffered a concussion, bruises, and injuries to her left eye and ear from the 30-minute beating at Miss Nichols’ home.

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