Bob Barr Running for President

There might be a conservative presidential nominee in 2008 after all. Former Representative Bob Barr today announced his intention to run for the nomination of the Libertarian Party at its national convention in Denver, Colorado, during May 22-26. The Republican Party, which abandoned Mr. Barr in its stampede over the Constitution, had put heavy pressure on him not to run, preferring that federal expansionist John McCain avoid facing a conservative in November.

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2 thoughts on “Bob Barr Running for President

  1. Already Bob Barr is being cast as a “spoiler” in that he might cause John McCain to lose. It’s the same charge made against Ralph Nader in 2000.

    But I think these characterizations are false. Calling one a “spolier” implies that someone else has an inherent “right” to votes, and the spoiler somehow steals them.

  2. The Libertarians have unfortunately built a reputation over the years as the party that wants, above all else, to legalize drugs.

    This is unfortunate, especially since some fine candidates have carried the Libertarian banner and any good ideas they have espoused, like getting us back to a Constitution based government, have been roundly ignored because they are seen as just a bunch of pot-heads by most voters.

    Libertarians could run a Jesus/John the Baptist ticket and they would still get about two percent of the vote and would not even be on the ballot in some states.

    Unfortunately for Barr, this year the big drug cartels are supporting Obama, so even the usual support from the pot lobby won’t be there for his meager campaign.

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