Bribe-Taking Teacher Reinstated

College football is serious business in Alabama. So serious that a University of Alabama recruiter paid Lynn Lang, a Memphis high school teacher and coach, $150,000 during 1999-2000 to steer a promising player toward the Crimson Tide.

After an assistant coach, who first tried to get a cut, blew the whistle, Mr. Lang denied the charges and then pled guilty. He was sentenced to time served (roughly a day), two years probation, community service, and a $2,500 fine. He was not required to repay the bribe, and the IRS, which exists on ill-gotten money, claims that it deserves $60,000 of the payment.

And the Tennessee Board of Education revoked his teaching license. Briefly. After Mr. Lang finished his laughable two-year term of probation, the Board voted 8-0 to reinstate his license.

Let’s hope he isn’t teaching ethics.

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