Hypocrite McCain Turns Down Matching Funds

Campaign Finance Reform’s chief apologist has turned down federal matching funds for the primary season. John McCain has decided to eschew $5.8 million in tax money that he applied for last year so that he can raise and spend amounts above the federal campaign limits–in other words, so that he can avoid the restrictions imposed by Campaign Finance Reform laws like McCain-Feingold.

The hypocrisy of this is stunning, even by big-government Republican standards. Now, I don’t believe in diverting tax money to political campaigns, nor do I believe in restricting how much money donors can give and candidates can spend. But John McCain has been the main proponent of the kinds of limits he is now seeking to evade.

John McCain has proved himself to be the ultimate Senate hypocrite: one who considers himself above the laws he passes for others.

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3 thoughts on “Hypocrite McCain Turns Down Matching Funds

  1. Point well taken, but is expedient flip-flopping by a campaigning politician really such big news? Also, our “big-government Republican” president signed McCain-Feingold into law, so doesn’t Mr. Bush deserve some of the blame?

  2. I actually take a different approach to this. I have been a long-standing opponent of McCain-Feingold and other so-called campaign finance “reforms” and instead favor no limits, but complete and immediate disclosure with harsh penalties for noncompliance. That said, I view McCain’s refusal of federal matching funds as perhaps a late recognition that micromanaging free speech isn’t such a good idea after all, especially now that he has first-hand experience with it.

    Of course, he may come to view it the other way and think this just points out one more problem to be “fixed,” but I hope that is not the case.

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