“Voter Suppression”?

Gov. Mike Huckabee revealed his intellectual sloppiness anew when he referred to Gov. Mitt Romney’s efforts to discourage citizens from voting for Gov. Huckabee as “voter suppression“.

“Isn’t voter suppression where you try to keep people from voting a certain way?” Gov. Huckabee queried. “By anybody’s definition, if the goal of saying certain things or doing certain things is to discourage a person’s voters, can anyone tell me otherwise? Isn’t that voter suppression — suppressing the vote, pushing it down, keeping people from feeling comfortable going and making the vote. I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing.”

Gov. Romney has been arguing that splitting the “conservative” vote between himself and Gov. Huckabee would benefit Sen. John McCain.

“If you try to discourage people from voting for somebody, what else would you call it?” Gov. Huckabee asked.

The answer, of course, is campaigning.

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