Should McCain Run as a Democrat?

George Will has another great column in the Washington Post, this time suggesting that John McCain would be more at home in the DemocratIC Party than in the GOP.

For example, of Sen. McCain’s simplisitic branding as “big bad guys” the pharmaceutical companies, which are “responsible for the facts that polio is no longer a scourge, that childhood leukemia is no longer a death sentence, that depression and other mental illnesses are treatable diseases, that the rate of heart attacks and heart failures has been cut by more than half in 50 years”, Mr. Will writes:

There is a place in American politics for moralizers who think in such Manichaean simplicities. That place is in the Democratic Party, where people who talk like McCain are considered not mavericks but mainstream.

Republicans are supposed to eschew demagogic aspersions concerning complicated economic matters.

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