Crucible–Part One

The recruits in this video, and the two to follow, have nearly reached the end of boot camp’s Phase Three, which emphasizes teamwork. They are undergoing “the Crucible,” a sort of “final exam” in the form of a 54-hour combat simulation exercise. The sound effects come from the first 10 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” blasting at a deafening level over a loudspeaker on a continuous loop. The Crucible begins with Reveille at 0200, followed by a six-mile hike. The recruits perform 26 exercises to test teamwork and problem-solving through simulations of situations including hand-to-hand combat and casualty evacuation. This video shows part of a one-hour re-supply exercise. Recruits average four hours of sleep per night and consume only three meals-ready-to-eat during the entire two and one-quarter days.

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