Thank you, Michigan Democrats

While the Republicans are holding a primary in Michigan today, the Democrats are having a hissy-fit.

As befits their resentment-based ideology, Sen. Carl Levin and Rep. John Dingell in 2000 approached the DemocratIC National Committee “about changing the presidential primary system that gave preference to Iowa and New Hampshire”, according to today’s Washington Post. The DemocratIC leadership stalled.

When New Hampshire moved up its primary, the envy became too much, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm set both primaries for today, January 15.

Oh, yeah? retorted the DNC, which threatened to strip the state of its convention delegates. Always on the lookout for ways to introduce watered-down versions of DemocratIC stupidity, the Republican National Committee took away half Michigan’s delegates.

Then all the DemocratIC presidential candidates signed pledges not to campaign in Michigan, and all but Hillary Clinton kept their names off the ballot. Fittingly, supporters for Senators Edwards and Obama have been instructed to vote “uncommitted”.

With DemocratIC candidates ignoring Michigan in favor of Iowa and New Hampshire, Mrs. John Dingell, a DemocratIC National Committeewoman, whines, “They talk about wood-burning stoves but they’re not talking about manufacturing or how we’re going to save manufacturing jobs in this state or saving union jobs!”

So, thank you, Michigan Democrats, for the object lesson in how resentment back-fires.

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