Iowans: Please Defend the Constitution

So the big day is finally here. The Iowa Caucuses begin tonight at 7:00.

Much has been made lately about the polls and the swings they show in voters’ preferences. Romney’s looking like a winner till Huckabee’s star rises. Then Huckster starts coming down to earth. Giuliani was doing well till he ran out of money. Thompson was doing well till he announced he was running. John McCain came off life support for a year-end surge.

What does it all mean? I think support swings back and forth because Republicans just aren’t excited about any of the so-called top-tier candidates. And, really, there’s no reason why they should be. They all seem like they’re poured from the establishment’s blender. Actually, it’s worse than that: They all seem like they’re trying to seem like they’re poured from the establishment’s blender.

Ron Paul is different. He’s more than a homogenized blend of issues tested in focus groups. He stands for something: the Constitution.

There are many important issues in this race–the sanctity of life, immigration, the war on terror, taxes, to cite just a few.

But a candidate’s purported stance on any of these issues loses meaning if he fails to grasp–or care about–the proper role of the federal government as it is explicitly laid out in the Constitution. What good is a carefully considered, pragmatic policy on immigration, for example, if it undermines republican government itself by overstepping Constitutional boundaries? Yes, it might actually keep some illegal fingers out of the Social Security till, but if it flies afoul of the Constitutional restrictions deliberately included to protect the people from the government, it does more ultimate harm than good.

Only one candidate understands this simple yet vital truth.

And that’s why Ron Paul is the true republican in this race, and the candidate whom all republicans should support.

Iowans, tonight you have an opportunity to do what every president swears to do: preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Please do so. Please vote for Ron Paul.

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