A Brief Recollection of Benazir Bhutto

Many years ago, during the single term of President George Bush XLI, I had the opportunity to see Benazir Bhutto speak on the White House lawn. A friend of mine was serving as a political appointee in the Administration, and he invited me to attend a welcome ceremony for the visiting Pakistani Prime Minister (on the condition that I not disrupt the occasion by shouting, “George Bush is a liberal!”).

“I hope you consider it an honor,” he said.

I did, and do. So many years later, I can’t recall what she said, but I do remember being very favorably impressed that the head beneath the ironic veil seemed intelligent and rational–a welcome contrast to many other Mid-East rulers. But she was a young woman, open to Western ideas, and the odds were against her. Uneasy lies the head who wears the veil.

Obviously, this once-in-a-lifetime encounter doesn’t qualify me to address the ramifications of yesterday’s terrible assassination. But my Old Dominion Blog Alliance colleague Right-Wing Liberal is far more knowledgable than I about Mid-East history and politics, and I encourage you to check out his post on the subject.

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