NLS “Laughable”

Under the overblown headline “WHAT THE H–L[,] TIM CRAIG????”, Virginia-based hypocrite NLS, Defender-in-Chief of Joe Stanley’s on-going equation of conservative bloggers with child molesters, accuses Washington Post writer Tim Craig of “steal”ing from the liberal blog Raising Kaine a “scoop” regarding the hardly shocking tidbit that a Democratic candidate may have a criminal record.

Without presenting any evidence to back up the charge, NLS spews:

“Did Tim Craig not attend journalism school? Does he not have a[n] ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to site [sic] the published sources???? What a bunch of c–p.”

Commenter Timcraig responds:

“I did not get it from Raising Kaine. I got a clip of the Roanoke Times article emailed to me this afternoon from a Democratic source. I then had our Washington Post researchers independently verify the article through a search of court records After that, I called the gentleman in question to speak to him. I did scan Raising Kaine at one point this afternoon and never saw a headline about this matter.

“As for you[r] assertion, it is laughable for you to lecture me or any member of the Richmond press corps on journalistic ethics.”

Hypocrisy, thy name is Not Larry Sabato.

h/t J’s Notes

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