Divorce Harms Environment

Divorce is bad for the environment. That’s the conclusion of a Michigan State University study that found that couples who split up use up more water and energy than those who keep their vows.

This jibes with most other research on divorce, which finds that it’s bad for everyone involved, and points to the obvious policy conclusion that “no-fault” divorce should be abandoned.

Of course, that’s not the conclusion that liberal establishment is putting forth.

“Shifting to more energy-efficient appliances is the answer,” says Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute, “not trying to prevent divorce or trying to make divorce more difficult.”

Environmental lawyer Ralph Cavanaugh claims, “The best advice to those who are miserable together is not, however, to avoid divorce for the sake of the environment, but to find someone else as quickly as possible.”

In other words, liberals expect people to take responsibility for saving the planet, but not for saving their own marriages.

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