Complaints against Tyrants Snooping on Americans Soar

Millions of Americans prepare to check their Constitutional rights at airport security bottlenecks at a time when reported passenger complaints against Tyrants Snooping on Americans have skyrocketed, according to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

Complaints about TSA petty despots’ rudeness rose by 138 percent over the year ending in September, the most recent month for which such data are available. Complaints about snooping slowness soared a whopping 430 percent in the same time period.

The TSA is as dismissive of these findings as it is of a recent GAO study that found that its snoops and gropers let bomb-building equipment through its airport rights checkpoints.

The agency counters that the citizen dissatisfaction spike is misleading–because until May it was losing and under-reporting complaints.

Yup, that’s their excuse: No, we’re not getting ruder and slower; we’ve only recently deigned to accept the minimum level of accountability of actually keeping track of all our victims’ complaints.

The excuse is unlikely to mollify mistreated passengers.

A TSA snoop in Florida last week told a travel agency president that her mandated quart-size bag of personal care items was “too full”. The arbitrary despot insisted that there had to be empty space at the top of the bag–a rule that neither the travel agent nor I had ever heard before.

“It is the scolding and harassing tone that I will never understand,” the travel agent told the Journal.

I think Lord Acton explained it best: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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