Then Why Are Americans Getting Groped?

The procedures employed by Tyrants Snooping on Americans are not adequate to prevent travellers from carrying detonators, explosives, and incendiary devices aboard commercial airliners. That’s one point on which the TSA despot and the Government Accountability Office reps who revealed the agency’s counter-productivity seemed to agree at yesterday’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing. The hearing came in response to a GAO report that found that TSA snoops and gropers let bomb-making equipment capable of inflicting “severe damage” through security bottlenecks at several airports.

“Under the pat-downs that TSA implements now, they would not have been caught,” said GAO’s John W. Cooney.

Then why are Americans getting groped?

TSA Administrator Kip Hawley brushed off the concerns. “We can’t be squeamish and say, ‘Oh, my goodness, they brought some firecrackers through and put it in the trunk of a car.’ We need to stop all things , but we have to focus on what truly does us harm,” he said. “I mean, my pen can do severe damage.”

I’ll ask again:

Then why are Americans getting groped?

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