Tyrants Snooping on Americans Let Bomb Components Through Checkpoints

Transportation Security Administration snoops and gropers allowed undercover investigators to carry bomb-making equipment, including a detonator and liquid explosives, through security bottlenecks at 19 airports, according to a recent report issued by the Government Accountability Office.

The report found that the Tyrants Snooping on Americans who allowed the bomb components through their 21-century Checkpoints Charlie appeared to follow “proper” screening procedures, says this morning’s Washington Post.

How is that possible? Because the procedures are flawed.

The investigators took advantage of TSA’s simplistic rules against safe items to distract its petty tyrants from the bomb components they were carrying.

For example, at one airport, a screener stopped an investigator carrying a small, unlabeled bottle of medicated shampoo, because “it could contain acid”, but failed to recognize an actual liquid explosive carried separately by the same tester.

Another investigator carried coins in his pockets to trigger a hand-wand and feel-up search–which ultimately failed to turn up the bomb-making equipment he carried.


TSA’s procedural affronts to common sense and the Constitution are ultimately counterproductive. Every resource squandered by TSA bullies seizing shampoo, randomly groping American citizens, peeping at naked X-rays, and looking for the items they decided to snoop into but lost is a resource diverted from the surveillance and capture of real terrorists.

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