Stupid Yellow Dog Tricks

Another week, another round-up featuring Democratic folly.

On Tuesday, Mark Bergman, a spokesman for the House Democratic Caucus, claimed that Virginia’s abusive driver fee policy provides “immunity for out-of-state drivers and illegal immigrants” and declared that Democratics are planning to use the issue against Republicans in this fall’s election.

There’s just one problem with the way the Democratics are trying to frame the issue:

They’re lying.

Illegal immigrants, who aren’t eligible for Virginia drivers licenses, are subject to the abusive fees.

And while it’s true that out-of-state drivers don’t have to pay the abusive fees, that’s the fault of Democratic Governor Tim Kaine.

Bloggers were quick to pick up the story of the Democratics’ deceptive tactics.

The Ward View wonders whether Tim Kaine changes party affiliation–and even included a graphic hint for those who didn’t get the jokes in my earlier post on the subject.

Virginia Virtucon has a list of the 36 Democratics who voted against the abusive fees when they applied to out-of-state drivers, but for them when they applied only to Virginia residents.

Hypocrisy like this is tough to top, but, fortunately for Mr. Bergman, Democratic consultant Joe Stanley and blogger-without-a-grip Ben Tribbett are sleazy enough to sink to the challenge.

As most people reading this blog know by now, Mr. Stanley bought the domain name olddominionblogalliance[dot]com–do NOT go there– on August 16 and redirected it to the Web site of an organization that promotes child molestation. No one noticed until August 20, when Mrs. Myron Rhodes, reportedly acting on a tip from Mr. Tribbett, posted the link at the Daily WhackJob. After Mrs. Rhodes was criticized for a few days, DWJ broke the story that Mr. Stanley was the perpetrator of the defamation.

Hours later, Mr. Stanley sent this boast to Jim Riley of Virginia Virtucon.

Scott’s Morning Brew blasted Dirty Joey and the Pedophiles.

SWAC Girl asked did he ‘macaca’ himself?

Virginia Oddsmaker says he Knows What’s Comin’.

The Ward View printed Mr. Stanley’s client list.

Deo Vindice requested that Democrats of Character Come Forth, condemn Mr. Stanley’s defamation attempt, and disassociate themselves from him.

Any takers yet?

Well, certainly not Mr. Tribbett, who sanctimoniously announced yesterday that he is “not joining the chorus of people attacking Joe Stanley for redirecting the ODBA website to an inappropriate site”. You just have to shake your head at the moral cluelessness of a guy who’ll stand up for what he himself admits is inappropriate.

CatHouse Chat notes Benny steps in it – AGAIN.

Spark It Up!!! calls Mr. Tribbett A soon forgotten blogger.

Skeptical Observer appreciates the Sweet Irony.

Really, these Democratic leaders, and I use the term ironically, should be more careful of the company they keep and the consultants they employ.

Lie down with Yellow Dogs; get up with biting fleas.

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