Are they moulting now?

Virginia Democratics must be feeling like Tippi Hedren by now. Even The Washington Post has started pecking at them.

Why do you suppose it is?

Reports Tim Craig, “Democratic lawmakers launched a new front in the battle over abusive-driver fees Tuesday, accusing Republicans of exempting illegal immigrants from having to pay them. The effort drew rebukes from immigrant rights groups and Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, whose spokesman called it ‘absolutely silly.'”

Absolutely dishonest is more like it. Mr. Craig continues, “By trying to connect the issues, Democrats are fanning a misconception that many illegal immigrants don’t have to pay the fees.” In other words, they’re lying.

This isn’t unusual, is it?

Below the Beltway calls the strategy “bizarre”, and Virginia Virtucon says it shows the Democratics are “desperate”.

But House Democratics, chirping at the mirage of a takeover in the Fall, wouldn’t let a little thing like the truth fly into their fantasy of a blue Virginia.

They’ve especially targeted Del. Daniel W. Marshall III, who supported the abusive fees; he represents the southern district of Danville, where immigration has become a major issue.

“Marshall is no different from many other Republicans who have backed away from the fees, but Democrats targeted him because they think he could be vulnerable in his contest Nov. 6,” according to the Post.

“We are going to use the abuser fee issue district by district,” crowed Mark Bergman, a spokesman for the House Democratic Caucus, dubbing Del. Marshall “flip-flop Danny”.

Wow. What wordsmithing. That’s a very rare talent.

Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish I could be like that.

Perhaps I should come up with nicknames for Democratic Senator Roscoe Reynolds, who sponsored the abusive fees bill, and Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, who signed it after adding a provision exempting licensed drivers from outside Virginia.

But that would be overdoing it, don’t you think?

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