Rude Roscoe Reynolds

Virginia Democratic Senator Roscoe Reynolds hasn’t shown contempt for his constituents simply by sponsoring the new abusive driver fees.

His arrogant disdain toward those he serves oozes through the many monitors throughout Virginia showing video of his rude responses to constituents’ questions.

The Virginia blogosphere erupted this week with posts showing Senator Reynolds’ snarky meltdowns.

As Virginia Virtucon puts it, Senator Reynolds has become the Talk of the Town.
Jason Kenney lets us See Roscoe Dodge.
Now at the Podium says that Senator Reynolds personifies Class without the Cl.
Scott’s Morning Brew shows Roscoe Reynolds On …, well, everything but the topics of his constituents’ questions.

The Conservative V.O.I.C.E. learns Campaign Lessons from Roscoe Reynolds–of what not to do, that is.

Spark It Up!!! and From on High have three posts up apiece.

All these posts make SWAC Girl’s point that it’s Time for a Change to Jeff Evans in the 20th Senate District.

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