Bill Clinton without the Charm

On a recent TV talk show, DemocratIC Senator Roscoe Reynolds of Virginia’s 20th district displayed all the angry arrogance of Bill Clinton–minus the patina of charm.

Responding to a caller’s question, Senator Reynold’s insisted, “I have not paid a Texas firm to spread dirt about Mr. Evans,” his Republican opponent, forgetting only the finger-jabbing.

“So what are they doing for you?” the caller followed up.

“That’s none of your business,” the Senator snapped.

“Sure it is; I’m one of your constituents,” countered the caller.

And with that, the Senator actually rolled his eyes, sneered, and tossed his torso back in the chair he undoubtedly imagined a throne.

Senator Reynolds seems to have forgotten that elected officials serve the people, not the other way around. It’s time for the voters to fire him for insubordination.

2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton without the Charm

  1. It’s time for Sen Roscoe to go elsewhere. Let’s all vote him out come Nov 6 so he is free to do so…we need a change in the VA 20th to Evans in the Senate!

  2. This guy has a quick smile and an easy short term charm, but he has been a bitter, mean spirited guy for a long time. He does NOT represent the people of his district. They only think he does.

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