Cutting Down Trees

According to an old proverb, if you want to be the tallest tree in the forest, you have two options: grow taller than all the other trees or cut them down.

Democratics have amassed political power by appealing to the dishonorable whiners who prefer the latter, scuttling the Constitution and abusing the law to plunder Peter and mollycoddle Paul.

It is no surprise, then, that they also take their election strategy from the cut-the-other-trees-down school of power-grabbing. According to a fundraising letter, the Democratic Party of Virginia has launched a new project to dog Republicans and “immediately respond to the[ir] missteps and lies” via a new Web site called, ironically enough, TheyDon’tGetVA.com. The letter recalls the glory of the macaca video, crediting “[t]hat piece of coverage” of the biggest blunder in political rhetoric since Howard Dean’s “I Have a Scream Speech” with helping the Democratics seize the U.S. Senate.

In the letter, Research Director Greg Scanlon writes, “I spend my days going through Republican documents, speeches, and video archives — finding discrepancies in their speeches, holding them accountable for their shameless pandering, fact-checking their statements, and establishing a larger narrative to frame our opponents.” Sounds like a pretty lame job, if what passes for “research” in Democratic eyes is ferretting through opponents’ statements, rather than studying what actually works in improving people’s lives. But, then, we already know that freedom is what makes lives better, and that means we don’t need Democratics and their resentment-based policies and politics.

h/t Badrose

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