Subsidies v. Success

House Democratics’ contempt for value creation bloomed bright yesterday as they passed a massive $286-billion, 741-page farm bill. The bill includes a garden of goodies, including farm subsidies and price supports, higher food stamp payments, and even a program to introduce healthy snacks in schools.

The apparent inability of school officials to figure out how to provide fresh veggies on their own says a lot about America’s educational demise, which in turn explains the failure to understand the nature of wealth creation that afflicts so many of our elected Representatives.

To pay for all these give-aways, naturally, the Democratics included tax increases. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin C. Peterson (D-Minn.) criticized Republicans for trying to protect taxpayers from having to finance this spending spree. “They don’t want to see success,” he said.

It takes a special kind of delusion to view opposition to wealth redistribution as opposition as success. In reality, it’s the Democratics’ tax-and-spend policies that discourage success, punishing those who create value for society and rewarding those who presume entitlement to reap what others have sown.

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