Disrespect for Life

The stabbing victim lay bleeding on the Wichita convenience store floor. Five shoppers stepped over her 27-year-old body to buy their items. One woman, who stepped over LaShanda Calloway four times, did pause–to snap a photo of the dying woman on her cell phone.

Ms. Calloway died later at a hospital as a result of the June 23 stabbing. Could she have been saved if people had used their cell phones to call 911 rather than to take her picture? Only God knows.

The case is reminiscent of the story of David Sharp, who died atop Mt. Everest last year as other climbers passed him on their way to the summit.

“What happened to our respect for life?” asked an appalled Wichita police chief Norman Williams.

Well, abortion, stem-cell research, euthanasia, and the murder of Terri Schiavo spring to mind. Public acceptance of these things hardens hearts to the sanctity of human life and reduces it to its perceived utility. So if one doesn’t want a baby, one can have her killed. If one wishes to end disease-related suffering, a tiny human being can be sacrificed. If healthy people determine that a disabled person wouldn’t want to live, she dies.

And if aiding a dying person would interrupt something as uncommon as reaching a mountain summit or as mundane as buying snacks, well, then, the person can die.

Such is the mindset that afflicts the modern world, from its highest mountain to its flattest town.

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