Abusive Fees

Exceeding 75 mph is about to become a whole lot more expensive in Virginia.

That’s because of whopping “abuser fees” set to take effect on July 1 for a range of offenses–from driving with a suspended license ($750) to refusing a breath test ($900) to reckless driving, which includes exceeding the speed suggestion by more than 20 mph ($1,150), to involuntary manslaughter ($3,000).

The fees are part of the legislature’s disastrous “compromise” to force the entire Commonwealth to pay for northern Virginia’s commuting woes.

Are they a good idea? Consider what the bill’s primary Senate patron Roscoe Reynolds told the Martinsville Bulletin: “You had two choices, either do something like that or do nothing. … Do you do it some … way you might not think is totally fair, or do you do without?”

Sorry, Senator, the correct answer is “You do without.”

Government exists to establish justice, not to subvert it in order to pay for pet(ty) projects.

H/T: I’m Not Emeril, Bacon’s Rebellion, Spark It Up!!!

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  1. Another legislative sponsor was David Albo, who stands to benefit in his private law practice defending people against these excessive traffic fines.

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