Recent Carnivals

Did you like yesterday’s post? Is it what you’ve come to expect from this blog? If so, then kudos to my ODBA colleague Ward Smythe, who wordsmithed the post. No, I haven’t hired a ghostwriter. Following up on an inspired suggestion by Mr. Smythe, a small group of us borrowed a practice from the nation’s cartoonists. We swapped identities, and wrote April Fool’s Day posts for one another. (Some of the posts actually hit on March 31 or April 2, in order to avoid working on the Lord’s Day.) Here’s the post I penned for Ward Swyfte. To read about the other switcheroos, stop by the Virginia Blog Carnival at I’m Not Emeril.

Elsewhere on the Web, the Sam and BeckyBoo show hosted a creative “Buy One; Get One Free” Carnival of the Mundane. Check it out!

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