The zeitgeist just dropped another step into the morass of materialism, if “Family Second“, an op-ed in today’s New York Times is any indication.

What is family now second to? Job skills.

Author Michele Wucker laments her impression the U.S. immigration policy favors family ties over skilled labor. She would continue to allow “spouses, minor children and parents of native-born American citizens” to come to America without quotas. “But it makes no sense,” she complains, “that roughly as many green cards are available to adult siblings and adult children of citizens–with no regard for their job abilities–as for skilled workers.

It may not make sense to the modern materialist mind that esteems people primarily for their utility, but it makes a lot of sense to anyone who grasps the profound value of family, including extended family. It is the family, not the job, that is the foundation of civil society. It is the family, not the job, that buffers the blows of harsh providences. It is the family, not the job, that sweetens the bitter cup of life in a fallen world.

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