Two Cheers for Gridlock

House Democratics have stumbled into doing something that actually benefits low-wage workers. That’s the commonsense implication of a comment by the Senate Finance Committee’s ranking Republican Charles Grassley in today’s New York Times: “It is House Democrats, not Senate Republicans, who are delaying passage of the minimum wage law.”

The minimum wage hurts the working poor by kneecapping the prosperity created via economic freedom.

Yesterday, the Senate sought to perform some preventive joint care by including tax relief–or, in the words of Majority Leader Harry Reid, “pieces of sugar“– for small businesses when it passed a massive minimum-wage hike.

But if the Democratic-controlled House cared about small businesses, they wouldn’t have passed the whopping wage increase during the longest 100 hours in memory. So they’re demanding that the tax cuts be stripped from the bill, heralding a stand-off between the two legislative chambers.

Let’s hope the gridlock continues for a while.

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