Betrayal Bug Bites Virginia

The betrayal bug that cost the GOP control of Congress has bitten Republicans in the Virginia legislature.

Yesterday, Republicans in the Virginia House and Senate reached a deal to meddle in northern Virginia’s so-called transportation crisis. Instead of doing something economically sound and morally encouraging–like cutting taxes on small businesses so that more people can work at home–the Republicans decided to raise taxes. And fees. And debt.

The $21 billion scheme includes raising taxes on diesel fuel and the fees to register heavy trucks; that California orange juice just got even more expensive. Rental car taxes will increase; that whole “No Taxation Without Representation!” thing is so 200 years ago. Real estate taxes go up too, just to keep that housing industry in check. And new drivers would pay a whopping $100 extra for a first-time license, because teen-agers aren’t expensive enough.

The proposal also calls for blowing half of future surpluses on transportation projects and diverting $250 million from other state programs starting in 2008. The state would borrow $1.3 billion in 2008 and an additional $700 million in 2012, repaying the debt with money raised through the plan.

Does anybody remember why George Bush XLI lost in 1992? Because he broke principles, betrayed his base, and raised taxes.

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