Senator, You’re No Jackie Kennedy

Asked about her Republican roots, the late Jacqueline Kennedy quipped, “You have to have been a Republican to realize how much fun it is to be a Democrat.”

Virginia Senator Jim Webb hasn’t been rewarded quite as amply as Mrs. Kennedy for turning his coat inside out, but he’s working on it.

Party leaders announced yesterday that, after three weeks of Senate service, Mr. Webb would present the Democrat response to President Bush’s State of the Union. Broadcasting a response from the other party is a tradition that the MSM began during the Reagan Administration. Mr. Webb served as Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan and used a years-old clip of the late President praising him in his campaign, over the objections of Mrs. Reagan.

Is Sen. Webb’s post-SOTU performance going to recall the last time he responded to President Bush, when–as a guest at a White House reception–Mr. Webb first avoided his host, then insulted him, and later reportedly said that he had wanted to slug him?

The Senator is no Jackie Kennedy.

But Democrats don’t seem concerned about his lack of graciousness. Del. Brian Moran gushed yesterday, “It’s a wonderful recognition of the state of the Virginia Democratic Party.” Really?

Some speculate that the Democrats are trying to make inroads into historically Republican Virginia. They point out that last year’s response was delivered by another Virginia Democrat–Governor Tim Kaine.

But if the boorish Mr. Webb is the best that Virginia Democrats have to offer this year, perhaps the outlook for Republicans is brightening.

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