The Do-Nothing Congressional Ethics Committee

The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct found yesterday that top Republicans knew probably for months and possibly for years about then-Rep. Mark Foley’s disgusting contact with former House pages, The Washington Post reports this morning.

While a Member of Congress, Mr. Foley sent sexually explicit online messages to the young men. He also reportedly made at least two late-night visits to the teenaged pages’ dormitory. One of them resulted in the Congressman being turned away by Capitol Police, who suspected him of drunkenness; the other ended with the Congressman driving off with at least two pages in his convertible.

Democrats also knew of Mr. Foley’s disgraceful behavior but, rather than reporting it to the appropriate authorities, they shopped their evidence to the news media as early as November 2005.

“The committee found that the e-mails were treated — by operatives on both sides — as a potential political issue, not as one of moral responsibility,” according to a Post editorial.

Continuing the tradition of doing nothing about officials’ moral turpitude, the ethics committee not only declined to take any action against anyone who knew about the scandal and chose not to address it properly but even failed to conclude that such irresponsibility brought ill repute upon the House of Representatives.

Perhaps they knew that Congress had already destroyed its reputation a long time ago.

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